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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Elance - Selecting the Best Freelancers

Isn't selecting the best already easy enough without using some sort of analysis tool? Since the Elance Level system takes a variety of factors into account, you might assume that the person with the highest level is the best.

However, this would be a mistake. Just like with anything else you do, it's just not that simple. When considering all important factors, a level 5 could be much more valuable than a level 7.

Don't get me wrong, the Elance Level system does have significant value, which is why it is included as a main factor for the Score calculated by the ECAS analysis tool.

However,  level is rather limited in its reliability. Most presumably, Elance Level is more likely to indicate the contractors' value to Elance rather than to the Clients that seek to hire them.

Even though many of the factors which influence level are of value to Clients, after doing some research I found that there are some factors that are almost solely of value to the Elance website.

It only makes sense that if factors that are really only of importance to Elance are given considerable weight, then that can greatly reduce the true value you get when hiring.

Simply put, it is perfectly logical that Elance gives some extra Level points to contractors who make them the most money. Not necessarily the contractors who provide the best service.

Well, business is business, right? And, after all, Elance is a business, isn't it?

I am sure that is what Elance thinks.

Click on the link below for a closer look at the ECAS tool.

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