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Don't Go So Soon!...

First of all, thank you very much for your interest in Bi-Brain Solutions!

If you have reached this page while browsing the site, there is a comment box and contact info below so that you can give your feedback.

However, if you have reached this page while trying to purchase the ECAS Tool, that means you are now cancelling your order. If this was done by accident, then click the following link to start your order for the ECAS Tool over again.

But if for some reason you decided not to buy, please read on...

Even though I hate to loose you as a customer, I can understand that you must have a very good reason for your decision. So, please give your honest feedback so that I can better accommodate your needs and expectations. I wish to provide you with what you want and need.

Also, please know that Bi-Brain Solutions plans to host another sale of updated and improved versions of ECAS if you show interest in the current product.

Bi-Brain Solutions will also be offering other tools in the near future as well if ECAS proves to be a successful item. Please leave a comment here or contact me at the blackhat forum or use the contact info below if you have any questions or concerns at all:

ym ID: millskevin14
skype ID: millskevin14

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